Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Fingerless Brân Lwyd (sneak peek at the pattern!!!!)

the other night i was in need to knit a christmas gift for a dear friend and thus i came up with these...well.. with a whole lot of different variations before hand until i decided on what is shown :)

the pattern is pretty simple really.. although i truly suck at actually writing them out :/ but i'll try anyways..

knit the band first! ;)
this way its easier knitting everything together when it calls for it.

using 3.5mm needles cast on 4 stiches and knit them in seed stitch
(knit 1 purl 1 - switch!)
do this until the length measures 7cm (or 3 inches)
leave the stitches on the needle to knit them together later on ;)

now begin knitting the fingerless mitts!

using 3.5mm dpn cast on 30 stitches dividing them up on three needles
for the first rows working in the round, knit the ribbing using the technique knit 1 purl 1 (until it measures an inch)
knit the next 4 rows (alternating each row with either black or grey)
5th row: ktog the 1st stitch in the band and the 1st stitch in the row.
(keep the band infront of the work)
use this technique the other three rows until the band is knitted tightly into the mitts
carry on knitting for another inch alternating the colours with each row

now its time for the thumb!

to make the thumb instead of joining the first and last stitch like you've been doing - stop!!
when you get to the last stitch turn your work and knit from the inside moving backwards (purling) until you finish the row.
knit the same with the contrast colour.
(this way you're not cutting your yarn every row and starting again)
knit front ways again but when you reach the end of the row continue going backwards in the contrast colour alternating the rows.
knit this way for about an inch!

(i know i'm so sorry this sounds so lame but i really should write the patterns down as i go instead i just end up knitting things completely)

when you're ready and think there is enough space for your own thumb, it's time to close the hole :)

instead of knitting backwards like you have been, just continue back to knitting in the round. this will snuggly contect the sides again :) see... i told you it was simple. :P

knit this way for another inch!

now let's make the final ribbing!
just in black knit 1 purl 1 for about 5 rows and then cast off.

and then voila!

i hope that was remotely helpful but within the next couple of days i'll revise it so it reads and sounds better :P


Saturday, November 13, 2010

keeps away the nargles..

i jingle.

well my purse does. i have the smallest little jingle bell attached to it and when i go anywhere, i jingle..

while i was in the manchester/england airport, i was jinglingly just by accustomed to it, i barely noticed but to my surprise an old lady did. so she asked her husband what was making the little tinkling..and he replied very as a matter of factly in a folklore tone, "there is a little bell coming from that girl. its just a sign of a good person dear."

needless to say, this left me speechless as a smile softly carressed my lips and i naturally glanced down unknowingly how to act after such a beautiful compliment.

it was only until recently (about a month later) when i was mindlessly browsing through a crafty bead area in a store when i spied these little charms that i thought completely suited me, thus, began my mission..i was compelled to make my own charm if the silly things chose me...

but they didn't. i chose them. didn't i?

each charm standing for something that i adore so it all came magically together but i still have to add things to it because ones personality is never truly finished..these most charming bracelets should be full of personality, afterall, isn't that all about what makes it charming?

according to wikapedia, "In ancient Egypt charms were used for identification and as symbols of faith and luck. Charms also served to identify an individual to the gods in the afterlife." some also say its a form bringing good luck, protection and warding off evil spirits :o

which reminds me i have a little charm that is two knitting needles knitting a sweater but its misplaced somewhere...

if you know where it is, please let me know..

Friday, November 5, 2010

if you go out into the woods today....

awe yes, hallowe'en!

this was one of the myriad of pumpkins that i managed to carve for the most delightfully frightful night of the year! although i must say that i felt like the whole week working up to, as well as the weekend itself, just zoomed by all too quickly :/

but then, there's never rest for the wicked is there?

and it never seems to be in my house.. ;)

this week i am plagued with a coughing/sneezing virus from hell :( but atleast this gives me more time to excuse myself to be couch ridden, knitting and looking like a zombie (without makeup included) which isn't so terribly bad..well, minus being, "couch ridden and zombie-like" but having more time to knit is always a plus anyday. virus ridden or not.. however, at some point i think i shall leave the house for a stroll in the local cemetery. its pretty this time of year with all the trees looking half dead amongst the aging tomestones.... <3

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a tisket, a tasket, a spider in your basket...

the night is cold and rainy with blinding flashes of lightning and the thunder is echoing with a rumble throughout the escartment that surrounds my town.

i took this shot earlier wishing it would work well as my header but unfortunately it looks like shite blown up. pity isn't it? i must seriously consider adjusting the menus on my camera.

which reminds me on things i need to do...i should get back to knitting my wrist-lettes...finding a design or making one up that suits the wool is starting to become quite a mission. what a bugger.