Friday, November 5, 2010

if you go out into the woods today....

awe yes, hallowe'en!

this was one of the myriad of pumpkins that i managed to carve for the most delightfully frightful night of the year! although i must say that i felt like the whole week working up to, as well as the weekend itself, just zoomed by all too quickly :/

but then, there's never rest for the wicked is there?

and it never seems to be in my house.. ;)

this week i am plagued with a coughing/sneezing virus from hell :( but atleast this gives me more time to excuse myself to be couch ridden, knitting and looking like a zombie (without makeup included) which isn't so terribly bad..well, minus being, "couch ridden and zombie-like" but having more time to knit is always a plus anyday. virus ridden or not.. however, at some point i think i shall leave the house for a stroll in the local cemetery. its pretty this time of year with all the trees looking half dead amongst the aging tomestones.... <3


  1. that pumpkin is so great!!! I just love halloween pumpkins, shame the tradition hasn't reached Finland yet!

  2. omg thats a shame! but i'm sure it will arrive soon enough..if england is just catching on i'm sure it will make its way up in no time ;)

    oh! thanks for the compliment on my pumpkin :)